The western side of Lefkada seems to be given over to the vast blue Ionian Sea and the wide horizon. In this place, the underground sea water currents and the sand of the open sea, created endless snow white beaches all along the west coast.

The first big beach of the west coast, 10 km approximately, grows along the lagoon and the city of Lefkada and is the one of Myloi and Ai Giannis.

Moving to the south of the west coast, we find Agios Nikitas. The village is literally located on the calm blue waters of the Ionian Sea. This traditional village with its cobbled tiles is the jewel of the island.

Milos beach can be reached either on foot, following the path of the mountain above Agios Nikitas and going down beside the windmill (that is how the place took its name) or by boat starting from the village.

Who has never heard of Kathisma, one of the most beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean? People of all nationalities come here to swim in this wide, sandy beach with turquoise waters. In the organized beach someone can find a large number of umbrellas and sun beds, restaurants, pool clubs with loud music.

The nature lover comes in Lefkada, to swim and enjoy the freedom of the sun and sea on the beaches of southwestern Lefkada, which have primacy in the Mediterranean, Gyalos, Egremni and Porto Katsiki. To reach Egremni you have to descend about 200 steps. In the background stands Porto Katsiki. Here the sea deposited with mastery and care its rare, white sand. The sandy beach with rocks around is something unreal in the exciting and impressive landscape. It is no coincidence that Porto Katsiki for three consecutive times was voted to be the most beautiful and the cleanest beach of the Mediterranean.



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